MPPSC Main Botany Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013
Syllabus of Botany of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Main examination is given here.

1. Origin of Life
:- Basic ideas on the origin of earth, origin of life, chemical and biological evolution.

2. Morphology, basic anatomy and taxonorny
:- Elementary knowledge of structure differentiation and function of various types of tissues and organs. principles of nomenclature , classification and identification of plants.

3. Plant Diversity: - A general account of structure and reproduction of viruses , algae ,fungi, lichens, brophytes, pteridophytes gymnosperms and angiosperms , concept of alternation of generations.

4. Plant Functions
:- Elementary knowledge of photosynthesis ,nitrogen metabolism, respiration, enzymes, mineral nutrition and water relations.
5. Plant growth and development:- Dynamics of growth and growth hormones physiology of flowering and seed germination.

6. Reproduction
:- Mechanism of pollination, fertilization and development of seed.

7. Cell biology:- Cell structure and function of organelles. Mitosis and meiosis.

8. Genetics:- Concept of gene. laws of inheritance mutation and polyploidy. Genetics and plant improvement.

9. Evolution
: - A general account.

10. Plant Pathology
:- A general account of important diseases of crop plants of India and their control.

11. Plant and Human welfare:
- Role of plants in human life. Importance of plants yielding food, fibers wood and drugs.

12. Plant and Environment
:- Community environment elementary knowledge of ecosystem.
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