MPPSC Main Criminology & Forensic Science Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013

1. Origin and concept of crime, definition (s)

2. Classification of crimes.

3. Emerging patterns of crimes.

4. Crimes and criminals.

5. Offences against perso and Property legal and Social aspects.

6. Publishment: Theories, Objectives and Types.

7. Institutional and Non Institutional treatment of offenders.

8. "Criminology : Causation. -

9. Schools of Thought in Criminology.

10. History of Institutional correction.

11. Correctional Institutions for juvenile and adults.

12. Facilities and amenities for Inamates.

13. Special Correctional Institutions Latest developments.

14. Non-Institutional Methods of corrections.

15. Crime prevention.


1. History and Development of forensic Science.

2. Areas and Scope.

3. Scene of Crime, and its preservation, Collection, Packing and transportation of Various types of physical evidences.

4. Police Organisation at District, State and National level, qualities of Investigator, First information report (FIR), Case Diary, Arrest, Search and Seizure.

5. Impressions: Finger Prints, Foot and Footwear Prints, Tyre Prints, Tracka- Marks, Cait Pattern.

6. Questioned Documents: Nature, Types and Examination of forged documents, Charred Documents, Alteration in documents. Characteristics and examination of Hand Written, typed. Printed and Indented materials, Seal and Rubber Stamps.

7. Counterfieft Coins and Currency and related Laws;

8. Firearms and examination of balliatic evidence and related Forensic aspects Tool marks.

9. Poisions : Nature, Types medico-legal, aspects and Analysis.

10. Nature and Preliminary examination of various biological fluids such as blood, semen, saliva etc. and of autopsy specimen.

11. Wounds and their characteristics, Autopsy.

12. DNA - Profiling and forensic aspect.

13. Foensic science in scientific investigation of various crimes such as Deaths (Accidental, Suicidal of Homicidal), Sexual offences. Arson explosives, and Noffences against properties,

14. Expert opinion on Forensic Science.
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