MPPSC Main Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013
Electrostatic and Magneto static fields - Potential and potential gradient, calculation of Electric Intensity at a point due to point charges, surface charge density, capacitance calculation due to parallel plate and coaxial cable. Ampere's taw. magnetic vector potential.

Networks - KCL, KVL in d.c. and a.c. networks. network theorems, transient and steady stale analysis of networks, 3-phase balanced and unbalanced circuit analysis: inductively competed circuit analysis, resonance, bandwidth, selectivity.

D.C. and A.C. Machines - Generation of emf and tongue in rotating machines, characteristics of d.c. motors & generators, characteristics of synchronous, and induction motor. Phasor diagram and equivalent ckts, regulation & losses of power transformers.

Electronics - Semi conductors, diode rectifiers Transistor and equivalent circuits, small signal audio amplifiers. Diodes as switching elements. op amplifiers and their uses, OR-NOR and AND-NAND, EX-OR Gates, De Morgan's laws. Effects of feed back in amplifiers.

Instruments - Standards Error analysis. Indicating instruments. CRO. Measurement of single phase, A.C. and D.C. power, Measurement of phase power, frequency & phase meters, energy meters. VTVM and multimeters current transformer and potential transformer.

Power system Analysis - Symmetrical components fault analysis load flow, stability studies, Coroner on transmission lines.
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