MPPSC Main Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013
1. Statics & Dynamics : Simple applications of equilibrium equations, simple applications of equations of motion. Simple harmonic motion. Work energy & power.

2. Theory of Machines : Simple examples of links and mechanism. Classification of gears, standard gear tooth profiles. Function of fly wheel. Types of governors Statics and dynamic balancing Whirling of shafts.

3. Mechanics of Solids : Stress, Strain, Hook's Law, elastic modulii. Bending moment and shearing force diagrams for beams. Simple bending and torsion of beams. Thin walled cylinders.

4. Manufacturing Science : Mechanics of metal cutting, tool life, economics of machining, cutting tool materials. Types of machine tools. Shearing, drawing, spinning, rolling, forging and extrusion processes.

5. Production Management : Work study, motion economy and work space design, operation and flow process charts. Product design and cost selection of manufacturing process. Site selection. Plant lay-out. Materials handling. Selection of equipment for job shop and mass production. Scheduling, despatching and routing.

6. Thermodynamics : Heat, work and temperature, First and second laws of thermodynamics Camot, Rankine, Otto and Diesel Cycles.

7. Fluid Mechanics : Hydrostatics. Continuity equation. Bernoullis theorem. Flow through pipes. Concept of laminar and turbulent flow.

8. Heat Transfer : One dimensional steady state conduction through walls and cylinders. Fins. Heat transfer co-efficient. Heal exchangers & its effectiveness.

9. Energy conversion : Compression and spark ignition engines, Reciprocating air compressors. Impulse & Reaction steam turbines. Flow of steam through nozzles. Layout of steam thermal power plant.

10. Environment Control : Air refrigeration system, vapour compression, refrigeration system, properties of refrigerants, use of psychometrics charts, cooling and dehumidification. Heating & humidification evaporative cooling.
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