MPPSC Main Philosophy Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013
1. Logic-Nature of logic : Syllogism, its types (Categorical and hypothetical categorical) and rules ; non-formal fallacies; Dilemma; Distinction between induction and deduction; Mill's experimental methods.

2.History of Indian ethics : Sources of Indian ethics Main tenets of Hindu ethics, Baudha ethics and Jain ethics.

3. History of Western ethics : Moral standard with reference to Hedonism (Psychological, ethical and utilitarianism of Mill and Benthem) Kant's ethics and perfectionism; Determinism and freewill; Crime and punishment, individual and society; Moral order and progress.

4. History of Philosophy : Western: From Descartes to Kant; Indian orthodox and het-crodox schools with reference to their basic concepts and theories.
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