Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPSC) Prelim - Law Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 22, 2013
Law syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)Prelim exam is given here.

A) Conditional Law of India :

1. Fundamental Rights

2. Directive Principles.

3. Fundamental Duties

4. President and the Union Council of Ministers.

5. Governor and the State Council of Ministers.

6. Supreme Court and the High Courts.

7. Emergency Provisions.

8. Amendment of the Constitution
. Union and State Public Service Commissions.

B) Administrative Law :

1. Delegated Legislation including its judicial and ParliamentaryControl.

2. Principles of natural justice and fairness.

3. Administrative Tribunals.

4. Writs- Mandamus, certiorari, prohibition. Habeas orpus andQuo-warranto.

5. Ombudsman- Lokpal. Lok Ayukta and Central Vigilance Commissioner.

C) Law of Contract :

General principles of law of contract sections 1-75 of the Indian Contract Act,1872.

D) Land Law of Madhya Pradesh :

1. Revenue Officers and their powers.

2. Survey and settlement.

3. Assessment of Land Revenue.

4.Record of Right

5. Tenure Holders- their rights and obligations.

E) Law of torts and crimes :

Law of Torts

1. Negligence.

2. Nuisance,

3. Defamation.

4. Vicarious Liability including State Liability

Law of Crimes

1. General exceptions.

2. Unlawful assembly.

3. Murder, grievous hurt and simple hurt.

4. Kidnapping, Abduction.

5. Attempt, Abetment.

6. Robbery, Dacoit.

7. Theft, cheating, criminal breach of trust.
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